We all love a nice summer night with friends and a cool beer our hand. This list will be your locally-brewed beer guide for the summer, no matter the occasion.

Intuition Ale Works

The Siren

This is a beer that was made by the female staff on their first Lady Brew Day. The drink contains a black lager with ancho, guajillo, and chipotle peppers. The siren is one to drink if you want to spice up your night! In addition to the great taste $1 from every beer sold is given to Girls Rock Jacksonville.

One Spark Kolsch

This drink was known as the beer of One Spark due to being so high in demand. Smooth, German-style ale with mild hops and a crisp finish inspired by kölsch beers of Cologne, Germany is what make this beer taste so great.

Jon Boat

This beer has a crisp lager taste that is English golden ale cool-fermented. The Jon Boat is perfect to cool you down after a day in the Jacksonville heat.

I-19 IPA

This beer brings a bit of the west coast to the east coast, an India Pale Ale that has a two-row malted barley and caramel malt taste you’re sure to enjoy this hippy drink.

$4 Hyppo Ice Pops

What better way to cool down this summer than with a beer popsicle? Intuition paired with Hyppo Gourmet popsicles in St. Augustine, Fla. to create this delicious treat.

Bold City Brewery

Killer Whale Cream Ale

After a day at the beach what better way to cool off than with a killer whale! Not literally. This drink is for those who might want to expand their horizons from lagers to a smooth ale.

Big John’s Apricot Wheat

This seasonal summer ale is made with a bit of apricot to add a fruity taste to your summer day.

Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale

This ale has tastes of chocolate and caramel with a smooth nutty finish that is perfect your quenching your thirst and maybe your sweet tooth.

Mad Manatee IPA

This beer has a variety of four delicious different tastes. Slightly sweet, a little toasty, a floral scent and then a citrus finish, this drink has an explosion of flavors.

Archie’s Rhino Rye Pale Ale

After a day spent at the zoo this summer come and try this beer that supports the Jacksonville Zoo and it’s care of Rhino’s. After every purchase of this crisp pale ale with a Rye malt taste a portion is donated back to the Jacksonville Zoo. Drink for a good cause!

River City Brewing Company

Jag Light

This ale is great for the light beer drinker. So come out and enjoy a beer by river and maybe some crab legs on the side.

Jackson Pale Ale

This gold colored ale has a variety of tastes that are perfect for the summer.

Red Rooster Ale

This deep red malt is sweet and is one of the most balanced beer at the brewery.

Riptide Porter

This roasted ale is sweet in taste and is perfect for a summer night out on the town

Belgian Abbey Ale

This sweet Belgian ale is very light and perfect for those who don’t want a bitter taste

A1A Ale Works

King Street Light Lager

This light beer is crisp and smooth as well as having a Hersbrucker hops taste, this is a fun low calorie drink.

Porpoise Point IPA

Though this copper colored ale is bitter it has American grown Galena and Cascade hops that make this citrus tasting beer worth trying.

Bridges of Lions Brown Ale

British Crystal and chocolate malts give this beer a rich, sweet and smooth taste.

Red Brick Ale

This red ale has a roasted caramel taste mixed in with Crystal malts and Cascade hops.

Ragtime Tavern

Dolphin’s Breath Lager

This smooth beer is low in calorie and has Hersbrucker hops to give this drink a light taste.

A Strange Stout

This black malt is named after Ragtime’s founder’s grandfather Alexander Strange. So come on out after a day on the beach and pay your respects with a drink in hos honor.

Westbury Wheat

This seasonal is light with a German-style unfiltered taste. With touches of banana and cloves this beer is perfect for the summer.

Engine 15 Brewing Co.

(904) Weissguy

A wheat beer inspired by the Bavarian Hefeweizen style. Flavorful and complex yet light and easy to drink.

Belgian Style Blonde Ale

A gentle mix of fruity esters, sometimes light phenolic spiciness and smooth, slightly warming alcohols builds a complex but easy-drinking beer.

Simcoe Imperial IPA

This Imperial IPA has a nice hazy golden color with hints of grapefruit and floral hops. A smooth, drinkable beer for those not too shy of intense hopiness.

Old Battle Axe IPA

The Summit hops lend a pronounced pineapple and citrus character to this American IPA, late additions of Northern Brewer, Glacier and more Summit round out the hop profile in this delicious nectar.

Aardwolf Brewing Co.

Dragon Eyes

Another Belgian golden strong, this beer is creamy, smooth, with a light to moderate Pils malt sweetness, but finishes medium-dry. Jay Mason’s Abbey normal winning recipe.


This black IPA will throw your tastebuds for a loop. A gold medal winner for best Florida beer, this American-style IPA is brewed with darker malts normally found in stouts and porters.

Citra Wheat

A light wheat beer with a passion fruit/gooseberry flavor thanks to a heavy dose of citra hops. Perfect for warm weather.

Green Room Brewing


A nice, light Belgian style witbier with flavor tones of both malt and coriander to help make this one extremely drinkable.


Named after Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, this Florida weisse is tart and citrusy. Low-alcohol makes this a perfect summer session beer.


This white IPA, named for Katharine, the great white shark recently spotted of the Floridian coast, is a smooth hoppy wheat beer that has just been tapped. Get it while it’s cold.