Welp, it’s about that time again — that time of the year when the weather warms up and beach starts looking lively. With more beach trips, people are aiming to reach their body goals so they can look summertime fine and Tone It Up is challenging people to get to their ideal personal image.

Tone It Up is a website dedicated to offering fitness advice and tips ranging from healthy recipes to daily workouts to even workout gear.

TIU created a six-week challenge that was meant to challenge anyone motivated enough to make a difference in their own lives. The goal was to have participants amp up their recipes, workout plans and check-in points to help the person get in-shape.

“When I started this plan, I knew what was ahead of me. I work a busy job and have to balance friends and family time amongst the daily demands of life,” said Camryn Derman, who was one of the challenge winners and also happens to be a former Void design intern. “I knew the distractions and temptations that were clearly laid out in front of me. But who knew I had so much power?”

By submitting the reasons for why they’re doing this challenge and sending in pictures, it showed TIU just how dedicated and positive they were about reaching their goals. There was the #LookForLOVE theme where the participants found love in everything (including themselves) and had the strength to carry on.

Out of the 90K ladies whom participated, only six could win the challenge. Among those six winners, Derman was one of them.


Camryn’s B&A pics from the Tone It Up Challenge

“My life looked a lot different six short weeks ago. Today, I can’t believe this body actually belongs to me,” Derman said. “Change is about consistency and determination, and Tone It Up helped me with both.”

The grand prize for winning includes a three-night stay at the luxury boutique hotel Shade, $250 Tone It Up gift card, Sexy Hair hair products, Bikinis from Maaji and Kulani Kinis, a photoshoot and interview for HQ, and so much more!

Some advice Derman would offer anyone working for their goal? “The first step is believing in yourself 100 percent in your body, your mind and your strength. Keep track of your goals, your meals and your workouts. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given is, ‘Don’t listen to yourself — talk to yourself.’ When you think you can’t, tell yourself you can and keep going. Don’t give up.”