The latest from local grindcore gods WØRSEN does not disappoint. Released in early October, Stronghold features eight tracks of the band’s certain pummel skills. While their previous releases from 2012 and 2016 relied more on the “D-Beat” drum splat and whirring noise, the latest finds them dropping in some more discernible, static riffage. Granted, there’s still plenty of electronic hate-skree to go around for the whole Thanksgiving gathering. But songs like “Flesh Paradox” and “Scorn Hierarchy” have some tasty drum changeups to mix up the medicine, while album closer “Broken Spirit,” clocking in at under five minutes, will test even the most diehard grind-head’s mettle, with an unrelenting battle roar and collective bilious rage. As the chimerical mutant of hardcore, noise, and black metal, grindcore has somehow continued to not only elude extinction; it’s grown. While it’s doubtful they’ll be making the rounds of local morning talk shows hawking their new cassette, WØRSEN stay on the vanguard of the local grindcore scene; albeit the scene they probably have created and enjoy with little competition. But, along with impressive recent releases by Yashira, The Noctambulant, and Rhythm of Fear, this area continues to harvest some quality heavy music. Count your lucky stars.