“I’m a liar and a cheat,” intones Jacksonville-based songstress Jesabel in the opening verse of her debut single, “Forgiveness,” before wryly offering, “I swear I didn’t eat for weeks.” Throughout the first few verses, similarly cryptic lines are put forth in a kind of tempered, confessional delivery, befitting a track that at least seems to be broaching a taboo or two. 

It’s a fitting debut then, since it was through the fog of the kind of emotional rollercoaster with which only a parent could empathize, that Jesabel found her voice.

Here’s a snippet from her artist’s bio:

“After losing her sense of self, post-motherhood, Jesabel discovered writing music as a medicine medium in her late twenties. A passion was awakened by an instinct and ambition to carve out her long-suppressed vocal desire of self-expression.”

On “Forgiveness”, Jesabel’s crafty, emotive lyrics are accompanied by tasteful and unique–at least by contemporary pop-standards–instrumentation. With some percussive acoustic guitar, claps, orchestral strings, and nary a kick drum until the tune’s climactic bridge, the song–produced and cowritten by Jonathan Grant Berlin (Sunbears!, Johnnyswimm)–is a kind of bucolic pop, boasting more lyrical (and musical) depth than its peer group without sacrificing a contagious melody or hook.

“Forgiveness is available on all streaming platforms, beginning March 3. For now, click play below to watch the video for Jesabel’s debut, a song we’re really digging!