Although still only in their late teens, Jacksonville Beach rockers Hensley display some truly mature alt-indie songwriting. The band surely proves their melodic mettle with their new single and accompanying video, “Clueless.” Leading with the guitars and bass gently building a simple melodic figure with the drums, with lyrics floating above it all: “I’m killing time / and it’s killing me, too”—an on-point definition of adolescent angst penned directly from a band still steeped in that temporal truth. The overall shimmer and good-vibrations emanating from “Clueless,” peppered with short-and-sweet “hoo hoo hoo hoo” backing vocals, evokes a nod back to indie-rock prime time, when late-era Pavement dropped the ‘90s irony and went for sweet emotion.

Deftly directed by Joel Roberson, the video for “Clueless” stars the band, along with de facto leading stars and Charles Oller and Sydney Villacortabuer, in a humorous telling of possible love, or at least a vague grin of the possibility of infatuation. Between the solid lyrics and music, and “pro shot” video, Hensley are well aware that the key factor of DIY is “do it”: and believe me, they do it all well.