While the band has only been together for four years, The Chrome Fangs have been hard at work at preaching their take on the psych-stoned-garage gospel. Granted, their garage is more of a smoked-out temple of down-tuned guitars, resin-wrecked vocals, and solid drum-kit thwackery. After the release of their 2017 full-length, Release the Hounds, the local four-piece have now given us the EP, Witch Mountain.

Over the course of five songs, The Chrome Fangs display their key to longevity as well as revealing how they’re part of a healthy and encouraging moment in what could be labeled as “metal,” but ripping open the circuitry to hotwire a category that is as wide open as “punk.”  The cut “Darkwoods” is a nod to deep-cut Sabotage-era Sabbath while “In the Know” sounds like an illegally energetic 1970-era Stooges. The Chrome Fangs are another local “heavy” band proving that Northeast Florida’s current greatest strengths are surely the hard music and hip-hop scenes. When will the rest of the greater world tune in? At this point who really cares? We’re winning!