On their debut release, doom-sludge-core trio TANSIT display their former skills at “singing loudest at the choir” by forging a tasty five-song platter of aural goat. Opener “Adversity” kicks off the party, an instrumental with a muck-glossed melody that bears vanilla hints of late-80s UK sludge pioneers Fudge Tunnel and smoky notes of imminent amp death.

“Mass Encryption” begins with the 1-2-3-4 of the form – an ambient feedback hum – and then kicks into an impressive thrash-core splatter that is decidedly “Florida Metal” in lineage but also aims some vintage, Norwegian black metal moonlight into the sun; always a good thing.  The remainder of Bodied features the trio (Trenton “Tarpits” Phillips—guitar and vox; Tom Bishop—bass, and Andrew Cardin—drums) reconfiguring the above, with positive and surely purchasable results.

Bodied is available via the group’s BandCamp page and on cassette, as well as, limited edition USB drive(!).

This local music spotlight originally appeared in Void Magazine’s March 2020 issue.