In recent years, Duval hip-hop artist T.W.A.N. has wasted no time in sending out volleys of beats and rhymes. His latest release is a good example of the stylish potency and measured urgency that flows through his work. The five-song EP Unrighteous sets the mood with the eerie and icy keyboard motif of “Alcoholic Blues.” T.W.A.N. rhymes off a litany of damage and unmanageability of being a drunk, while resigning himself (“Pour me up another one / pour me up another one”) to settling into that reality.

While Duval hip-hop can lean toward a positive, party vibe, T.W.A.N. (aka Twan Dickens) doesn’t serve up solutions. He deals in grit and blunt observations. The music isn’t hopeless––just hardcore. The slow chanting stomp of “Trigga’ Land” serves up lines like, “Everybody and their mama / keeps a pistol, man,” and is a shout-out to the stacking body count of gun violence. “For A Minute” is the record’s club jam, with an impatient narrator aiming his desire toward a certain female. Good stuff, all in all, with T.W.A.N. maintaining his stance in Duval hip hop.

This feature originally appeared in the Local Music Spotlight section of Void Magazine’s January 2020 issue.