Even for a city that already boasts prolific hip-hop artists, Jacksonville-born T.W.A.N. has consistently released some primo 904 rap. In 2014 he dropped his debut album, Assassination. The mixtape was a nod to ‘90s hip-hop classics, with T.W.A.N. taking the originals’ music and tone and adding his own lyrical flavor on top; his version of Chubb Rock’s “Treat ‘Em Right” is notably stellar. He followed up that innovative debut with a handful of singles and 2016’s self-titled full length, all fueled by T.W.A.N.’s word flow and indica-mix production.

Released just prior to the 2019 New Year, with The Wise Soul the 30-year-old rapper evolves those previous moves and experiments to great effect. “Pleasin’” pivots on an unhurried, old-school funk sample, T.W.A.N.’s rolling rhymes pushing the tune forward. “Popularity” stands out with it’s compressed vocal effects dipping in and out, loops of vocal chants and symphonic stabs, and stop-start staggered beats while “Still a Queen” boasts an impressive collab with local poet-educator Ebony Payne-English.