Are MGMT considered “classic rock” yet? In this age of sneeze-and-you’ll-miss-it ephemeral flavor, those L.A. electro-soul knuckleheads are essentially now Led Zep old. I don’t wanna draw too strong of a comparison between MGMT and our very own Solafide!, since this local four-piece are surely rowing their own artisanal tree-to-water dreamboat o’ sound. Solafide! borrows a few spices from MGMT and that ilk–anglo-soul vox, languid, hazy guitars and beats, an admirable sense of defeatism, etc. But that’s not a bad thing at all. Directed by Maggie Phelan, Solafide!’s video for “Take Me Back” opens with the band kicked back in the living room, hashing out a tune and then magically cuts to them rambling through the bucolic countryside, lighting fireworks as the sun sets. “Take Me Back” doesn’t reinvent the dream-pop wheel but surely gives it a new impressive spin. Check it out!