Thanks to the unrelenting stream of non-stop information in the 21st century, it’s easy to categorize, dissect—even drown out—an artist due to their signifiers and sound. Local soul/R&B artist Sailor Goon (aka Kayla Le) has enough purely unique, elegantly quixotic qualities to safeguard her music strangulation by RIYL assessments. “Milk & Bones,” Sailor Goon’s most-recent single, sounds as though it were transmitted from a cloud. Its accompanying video, meanwhile, reinforces the tune’s surreal soul. Slowly driven by spaced-out piano and a bass-meets-beat that dips into sub-binaural, Le’s stellar vocal skills and lyricism deliver a song of discontent and reluctant hope.

The video (directed by Le and Elizabeth Hartless) is pure David Lynch. Le stands in front of a pink background, white-gloved hands attacking her with temptations like pills and makeup. Le angrily declines, then concedes to hit a blunt. After the arrival of a TV surrounded by curios, a living teddy bear suddenly appears (No, we’re not making this up) to hawk a “1-800-BUY-A-BOYFRIEND commercial. Then we’re led to the song’s break: four seconds of complete silence, followed by Le crying on the phone, dialing up the aforementioned number. Got that? Cerebral, video savvy, and mercurial in her approach, Le is one local to watch. Start with her micro-dosed video.