For some, metal is a secret, “guilty pleasure.” Pleasure is pleasure. The term “guilty pleasure” is a wound inflicted by shame-slathered religiosity that needs to be cauterized. Rhythm of Fear are here to deliver the healing burn. The Jacksonville five-piece recently dropped Maze of Confusion, their first full-length release.

Over the course of the record’s 13 tracks, Rhythm of Fear fire off some truly worthy metal. Tracks like “Ten Theories,” “Tribulation” and “Devil’s Chair” benefit from the band’s undeniable technical chops in whipping around in a frenzy that shifts gears from good old lightning-speed Florida thrash to slo-mo mosh. For people too guilty – or even too precious – to pledge allegiance to boss underground metal, Rhythm of Fear are sure to ease that false shame while opening a few prejudiced ears in the process. The band gets bonus points for releasing Maze of Confusion in three different colored vinyls; including a bundle deal where you can buy all three. Lap it up.