There was a time (most of the 1980s) when the melodious, Unicorn-killing synth-chord stabs of the Yamaha DX7 led many a young scamp to stab open their ears and brains with the Butthole Surfers’ Rembrandt Pussyhorse LP with bloody gusto. Alas, if one lives long enough, the reviled becomes the revered. As is the case with ambient, laidback, ‘80s-inspired contemporary rock groups like The War on Drugs, Future Islands, Alvvays, and—as is pertinent to this review—DL is OK. Like much of the St. Augustine-by-way of NYC singer-songwriter’s output, DL’s newest “Good Complications” sounds tailor made to be tucked into a boombox-cribbed mixtape among Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love,” Dire Straits’ “So Far Away,” and anything Tom Petty did between roughly 1985s Southern Accents and ‘94s Wildflowers. DL’s is a nice sound, but, as one might of guessed from the aforementioned Butthole Surfers reference, not exactly my cup of tea. That being said, an antidote for “Good Complications” would be the proverbial “heroic dose” of the Butthole Surfers’ tune, “Whirling Hall of Knives.”

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