Self-described Jacksonville “prog-punk” rockers RUFFIANS (no flabby lowercase letters here, Nippy!) originally showed up on the Jax music scene some seven years back as Rusholme Ruffians. While the band has dropped the “Rusholme,” they’ve kept their winning core elements in tact: unconventional time signatures, laser-sharp playing, killer lead vocals, and a collective wallop that is as impressive as it is cohesive. While all the players involved in RUFFIANS—Nicole Pascale (vox and synths) Jay Stamper (guitars and backing vox), Ernie Douglass  (bass), and Jon Lorimier (drums and percussion)all have mad chops, there’s no musical “calisthenics” leaping around. They keep their aforementioned assets honed toward creating songs. Their latest single, “All of Your Lies,” is a testimony to this, blasting along at an aggro, syncopated thunk and kind of drags the uninitiated along into the metalloid fray.

This feature originally appeared in Local Music Spotlight section of Void Magazine Vol. 9, Issue 9, Rad Pads.