This seven-song set of tunes from Duval hip hop artist Pop$hit Day Day is chock-a-block full of hazed-out production effects and rubbery beats. If there’s an end moral of, and summary vibe to In Due Time, it’s one of urgency and paranoia. “P.O.P.S.H.I.T” features a slithery flute sample stabbing around Day Day’s frantic rhymes, intent on not going out, “like that other guy.” Warning heeded.

Meanwhile on the interior-chemtrail tip, “C230,” featuring a guest turn by Trap Boy Freddy, is a slurred-out account of what happens after Day Day drops a 5 mg Percocet. (In Duval, we call that Brain Management, officer!)

Tunes like “Head Shots” and “Laundry Mat” all mine the similar vein of dark and grim rap jollies with nary a “let’s join together” anthem in the bunch. If you’re a fan of more positive, progressive Duval hip hop, In Due Time is probably not the album for you. That’s not knocking its merits. After all, hip hop is a big enough table to accommodate every appetite; even if you’re so blotted out on pills that you can’t sit at the table. But if you’re a fan of Geto Boys, or 21st century Edgar Allen Poe-level paranoia raps, Pop$hit Day Day has some fierce and crazed rhymes for you.