Since their inception in 2015, LPT have wasted no time in establishing their presence as a relentless rhythmic-groove force to be reckoned with. 

The 10-piece, Riverside-formed salsa and Afro-Cuban orchestra remain a fave local live act, and have become regulars at Suwannee fests. Now they’ve joined forces with Winterland Festival promoters (and rad rockers) Glenn Van Dyke and Lena Simon for the debut release on Winterland Records: Llegamos.

The a-side features LPT tearing into Bobby Valentín’s 1972 jam, “La Rumba Te Espera.” LPT maintains their reverence for the tune but injects their own high-octane flavor. Valentín’s original is hardly a wallflower but in LPT’s hands it turns into a seismic, room-shaking force: the percussion and bass crack and thump with forceful intensity, the horns and keys jab the music forward, and Cruz’s vocals add an urgency lacking in the original; by song’s end, the entire band is pushing forward in a minor-key vamp with rattling beats and chanting chorus.

An impressive interpretation for sure. On the flipside, LPT pays tribute to the late hip-hop impresario Paten Locke with a salsa remix of the Stono Echo song “Politrickin’.” Featuring new vocals from Locke’s fellow Stono Echo partner Jay Myztroh and remixed by LPT’s Jonah Pierre, the updated “Polytrickin’” finds LPT delivering a jubilant-and-tasteful celebration of Locke’s music and life; an artist who was also no stranger to mixing up genres to serve up something altogether new. 

This Local Music Spotlight originally appeared in Void Magazine’s November 2019 issue (Vol. 10, Iss. 7), “Do Good.”