Night Leaf
Papercup Music
When Boytoy released their 2014 debut EP featuring the single, “Blazed,” they penned a strong contender for the 420 anthem of the Millennial masses. On their latest release, Night Leaf (Papercup Music) the trio have expanded their minimalist-psych style with a heady microdose of LSD. The trio takes their two-guitar-drums sound and augments it with some glimmers of Vox organ, with their new cut “Static Age,” which struts along with a nice 1969 Velvet Underground vibe, placed inside echo and reverbed production that expands their minimalist sound without losing their edgy crunch. “Mary Anne” is a paean to what singer vocalist Saara Untracht-Oakner describes as, “the feeling that comes with a new crush, a new lust.” In under three minutes Untracht-Oakner and bandmates Glenn Michael Van Dyke, Chase Noelle, and Lena Simon totally encapsulate that universal rush of expectations, excitement, and hormones that always kick in with the possibility of romance, or just good old lust. At press time, Boytoy are gearing up for a month of shows in Europe. On the local tip, onetime Episcopal School grad, Van Dyke, has returned to Jax and is currently living in Springfield, where she’s already making her presence known, promoting shows under the banner, Winterland Presents.


Live at Heartwood Soundstage
Riverside’s mighty Afro-Cuban-Salsa band LPT are caught in full flight on this streaming concert filmed on March 29 at Heartwood Soundstage, the Gainesville recording and video production studio-performance space. The 10-piece band tears through some intense sets of  killer Latin-style music. Combining the traditional with current flavors, LPT show why they might surely be “the new ambassadors of Salsa music in the Southeast.” Fronted by lead vocalist Josué Cruz, the stellar lineup of horn players Juan Rollan (tenor sax), Eric Kennedy (baritone sax), Bryant Patterson (trombone), and Steve Strawley (trumpet), along with a fierce rhythm section featuring Angel Garcia (keys), Stan Piper (bass), JP Salvat (congas), and Jonah Pierre (bongo and bell), deliver a relentless rhythm in combining their undeniable high-energy skills in playing contemporary Latin jazz music. Decked out in a cap and shades, Cruz (a Void Mag contributor, to boot) is the ideal frontman for the band, maracas in hand, leading the group in call-and-response vocals. A “party band” that can flat-out play their asses off, if you haven’t heard one of the best combos currently calling Jacksonville home; dig in deep.


Mexico Tape
When it comes to punk rock, the virtues of wealth, health, and overall cleanliness are overrated. From 1960s skeeze-stalwarts The Seeds through the late ‘70s pummeling-lurch of the Germs, the take-no-baths HC slam of The Offenders through current day rock dereliction, the real punk action is a blend of the Cro-Magnon, immorally intoxicated, and the astute. Thankfully, locals can enjoy the melodious barfing of Murray Hill’s finest: Gimme. Their latest release, the lo-fi-sounding Mexico Tape, offers up two tracks of punker honey dripping that is more akin to early ‘80s Texas doom-punkers Stickmen with Rayguns than NOFX. The band surely knows their punker history, yet are angry enough to shake off the education. Refreshing! “Cold Sweats” kicks off in aggro-HC form, then rumbles along with quasi-intelligible lyrics, breaks down into slo-mo mode, and then at the 1:54 mark they close down shop. “Wait to Die” benefits from a killer, atonal bass-and-guitar ear-deafening contest, as the vocalist channels his inner worst, sounding like he’s eating the microphone to prove his point. Let freedom ring!

By Daniel A Brown