Jacksonville three-piece Loretto keep it short and sweet with their current full-length release, Sleeping in the Pines. Clocking in at 34 minutes, the 10-song collection is a low-voltage power trio outing. In lieu of stepping outside of their skillset to noodle-and-bash-ville, the band—Zach Elliott (vocals/guitar), Ryan Ferrell (vocals/bass), and Austin Boller (drums)—takes their basic template and reduce it even further to an effective mood-altering device.

Minimalism is the key, with tasteful synth washes flickered in; “Stars Fall” and “See You Again” dip into country, albeit country that walks along in digital spurs. “Hung the Moon” might be the band’s most emblematic tune: restrained rhythms, a repetitive Eno-like “hook,” and plaintive vocals; all set within galaxies of reverb.