There was a time roughly 10 years ago when local label Infintesmal Records was releasing albums of myriad Duval rockers at a prolific, if not punitive, rate. Since then, the label/brainchild of Nicklaus Schoeppel and James Arthur Bayer III has glurched out an impressive 75 albums. If you jump into the Infintesmal pool, you might kiss a few frogs before you wade into such A-listers like DigDog’s Phatty Reiser or any release by I Hope You’re a Doctor; one of the more unsettling (re: good) locally fermented bands. Also be sure to check out Fever Hands 2017 release, Grief Police, an album this writer apparently produced; yet has still not received a single dime for payment. That’s one way to save a few shekels for the Infintesmal war chest (no hard feelings!).

Now this all brings us to Miniature Suns’ debut release. Over the course of Where Your Shadow Always Has Company’s five tracks, the band–Nicklaus Schoeppel on guitar, vocals, and saw; James Arthur “I Owe Dan Brown $500” Bayer III on percussion (again, no hard feelings!); LeeJane Capps on synth, horn, and vocals, and Mike Reeder on bass, singing bowl, and saw–show off their strengths by coloring inside their own lines. “Tigers’ Blood” and “Peat Bog” are standouts: Schoeppel’s voice pleading over the band’s style, which splits the difference between a moderato-choogle Galaxie 500 and less-bloody My Bloody Valentine; older and wiser psychedelia that knows when to click off the strobe light. If any local band has issued Album of the Self-Quarantine, this is it. Sanitize thyself.  

UPDATE: The writer has now been paid in full for production work. Said writer sends his thanks to the label. Now go buy some of their records!