Local synth-poppers Culture School set ye olde Techno TARDIS for the ‘80s on this five-song, short-and-blipping set. The brainchild of Quinn Spencer, Culture School genuflects before ancient gods named Casio, LinnDrum, Yamaha, and Oberheim—now-vintage synths and drum machines that are ideal for Spencer’s taste for minimalist, retro-electronic. Tunes like “Betadata,” “Eyes Like Winter,” and the title track bubble along with percolating beats and bass-y keyboard jabs. 

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These Nuns approve my fancy new riffs

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Culture School is surely an anachronistic project; any of the songs would sound at home on an episode of Miami Vice or even as the soundtrack of a Reagan-era Konami video game. Younger music fans, many of whom seem to be currently exploring all things ‘80s, will probably get a kick out of this. For others who were alive 30 years ago, Akumu might offer either a nostalgic trip or a neon flashback.