The indie-rock pride of Fernandina Beach, flipturn are a five-piece that formed in 2015 while in high school. Since then the band—Dillon Basse (vocals, rhythm guitar), Tristan Duncan (lead guitar), Madeline Jarman (bass), Taylor Allen (synth), and Adrian Walker (drums)—have made right in their approach to blending what their Facebook page describes as, “surf rock, garage, new wave, and pop.” In 2017, the band released Heavy Colors, followed by last year’s Citrona and its accompanying single, “Churches.” The transfer of emotion is key to flipturn’s strengths. From the certain anthem of “August” to the admirably bummer-trip of “Hypoxia,” there’s an effective fusing of jubilation and melancholy. Vocalist Bassee delivers the lyrics with a fairly unique vibrato style, and the band collectively knows the power of restraint to propel the music forward. Upon its release, Citrona was a “Pandora Picks,” and at press time the band is in the middle of their “Oh, To Be Young” East Coast tour.