Don’t let the name fool you: the music of snOre will keep you wide awake. Formed in ’07, the band cites artists like The Butthole Surfers, Mr. Bungle, and Zappa as influences. Yet weirdly enough, in lieu of extreme odd-time signatures and acid-washed production of those aforementioned mercurial musicians, snOre’s music catapults forward from a heavier, mutant-metal direction.

Their latest single, “Erosion,” starts out with a minor-key guitar riff and faint electronics and then at the 90-second mark shifts gears into a total avant-metal chunkfest. Instead of any shred-wankery, the molten guitar leans towards drone, while the drums reconfigure the beat, leaving and then returning to the song’s solid core. snOre play their a**es off both live and in the studio. Dig deep into their SoundCloud vaults and you’ll uncover more tasty weirdness. All in all, another unique local band warranting greater attention.