While nary a one is of drinking age (although old enough for conscription) the trio of Cherry Springer brings a primitive-albeit-worthy, and quite frankly flat-out odd, presence to the local music scene. The tune “Advertisement” is buoyed by a light-and-breezy guitar riff that’s just on this side of being in tune, with equally laconic bass and drums. Then the band lobs a spitball with a three-chord chorus/break that sounds like Detroit HC mongrels Negative Approach. It’s such a weird “song” decision that it’s downright brilliant.

“Another Disco” is totally non-danceable, unless you’re hallucinating that you’re in a ballroom while laying flat on your back on a mangy futon, dried toad venom caked on your face. The lyrics are nobly vague (“And it’s good / rotting away into the jungle”) and while there’s no spontaneous 1980s slam pit break, the song’s mega-chill vibe sustains that overall ambiguity. Cherry Springer evoke many things (a sedate Lou Reed, a hungover Kevin Ayers, etc.) but their earnestness and nebulous sound really harkens back to the late 80s/early 90s slowcore bands like Galaxie 500 and Codeine; artists who sounded too bummed to plug in their guitars but even sadder to just mire in their muck. Cherry Springer are young but are on their way to maturing into an interesting group; hopefully not truly “growing up” over time.