Call it a case of “Sweet Twee.” Released in May, Bobby Kid’s full-length debut, Peach, is a seven-song collection that converts the proverbial “all the feels” into a resonant and restrained sound. Anna Lester’s vocals slowly oscillate between a plainspoken sigh and an equally soft ascension, while plucking out minimal, droning riffs. Bassist Taylor Neal and drummer Brian Lester keep the rhythm equally subdued. Opener “Sad at Breakfast” is a kind of beautiful bummer; “Still Here” benefits from Lester’s interesting chord choices, closing out with a louder, emphatic build up. On the band’s bio, Bobby Kid offers that they’ve drawn comparison to contemporary indie folk artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Faye Webster. But listening to the collective effect of Peach, Bobby Kid pulls a slow-into-crunch style that’s more akin to earlier slowcore merchants like Galaxie 500, Codeine, and Helium, more than current artists mining the same languid vein.