Sea Cycles have been around the local scene here for a number of years, but haven’t performed a show in town in nearly a year until a couple of months ago. After the brief interlude, the group has released their first LP, Ground & Air, and performed to a vivacious crowd at Underbelly’s recent Three-Year Anniversary Party. With a solid return, Sea Cycles have big plans for the remainder of 2015.

Formed after band members Lindsey Shante, lead vocalist and synth, Landon Paul, guitarist, Josh Wessolowski, drummer, and Brian Squillace, guitarist and synth, met while playing in other bands around Jacksonville, Sea Cycles was born as an experimental group between friends who simply wanted to create. The name comes from the idea of a “whale fall,” the term used to describe the death of a whale, and its carcass that descends to the ocean floor, creating life and a unique ecosystem. “That’s the image that inspired ‘Sea Cycles,’” Brian said.

Read on to find out a little more on how the band came to be, and where they plan to go, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Sea Cycles

How were things early on in the band?

Brian: In the beginning, we were a three-piece, and I was on drums. Josh wasn’t in the band yet, but he was really digging what we were doing already. He’s a better drummer than me, so once he mentioned that he was in to it, he took over drums and I moved to guitar. It made the band way more dynamic and interesting.

Lindsey: We were just friends that liked each other’s style, and we really wanted to collaborate.

When did you feel like you had something? Was there a particular show or moment?

Brian: Actually, there was a time when our band was almost over. Lindsey was moving to Portland and all we had was five songs written. Our band was barely started, but we wanted to document the songs we had made together, so we recorded our first EP, What We Came For. After we released it online, we got a great response from it, and kind of had that realization that we should keep the project going. So, Lindsey did move to Portland for a brief time, and when she came back, we just jumped right back into the band.

Josh: A really great moment for me, was our first show we played with Landon on guitar at Underbelly. Landon was new to the group, [but] I felt like I had admiration for our band, and we sounded connected.

As the band became a serious venture, how did you balance your personal lives with the band?

Brian: That has been very tough. When we decided to take the band seriously and try to do something with it, we went through a lineup change with a member who was in and out of jail, and it just wasn’t working out. We all work full-time while doing this, so we are using so much of our free time to make the band work. Lindsey has a daughter now, and they are both staying in Alabama. She moved while we were in the process of recording our newest record. We used a file sharing service online to collaborate on the album. The distance makes it tough, but I feel like we all care enough about making it work.

Why form a band and make music? What do you want to accomplish?

Landon: I feel like every member of the band would have a different answer for this, but what we have in common is we have a desire to create.

Brian: Yeah, making art with your friends is the most fun you can have, and getting paid to do that would be the dream.

Any upcoming music you’ll be releasing soon? Where can people find your music?

Brian: We just released our debut LP, and we’re going to be touring on that for a while. We already have new songs in the works, but no album yet. iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp … basically “the Internet” but also available in physical form at Other People Records website and any of our shows.

Listen to some of Sea Cycles music below, via their Soundcloud: