The first time I heard anything from indie pop group Le Orchid, Michael Carter, the band’s bassist, sent me a single and told me to check it out. After one listen, I could already tell the young quartet would become a local favorite of mine.

Flash forward a few months, and Le Orchid has already moved far up in the world of Jacksonville music, with a great looking EP coming out in December.

The band was formed when Lori Button, the enthralling voice behind Le Orchid’s music, and Michael met and decided to have a chance jam session. Upon realizing they each had a similar musical direction, the two soon teamed up with guitarist Malakai Fisher, who was a childhood friend of Michael, and started working on some songs. Jake Stofan, the group’s drummer, joined shortly thereafter and the band was complete.

Their name, which each band member says a special personal meaning, stems from a Japanese belief that orchids represent good luck and hope. Lori said that while they were trying to come up with a name initially, she kept spotting the flower and took it as a sign.

With an intriguing start, Le Orchid gives us the lowdown on what to expect from a Jacksonville up-and-comer.

How were things early on in the band? Did you feel like you had something early on? Was there a particular show or moment?

Lori: I think it felt very natural and comfortable from the get go. We had a lot of similar musical tastes and musical goals. It started out with me just strumming ukulele and Mike playing electric bass. We met up in November and had a goal to play our first open mic in January. By the end of December, we recorded two songs and Malakai joined us. I feel we have rolled along quite merrily due to the solid foundation that we developed at the onset.

Malakai: Our first open mic night at Underbelly, I was literally in the project for a week and already it felt like a miracle. We are still a young band, but we are growing quickly.

Who’s your favorite group in North Florida? Anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

Lori: I am very interested in Canary and the Coalmine. I just recently met Jessica, one of the two female leads, and was blown away by the talent that I witnessed. We also might have some exciting collaborations with Speaking Cursive coming down the pipe.

Michael: A Vibrant Lye is a group we like collaborating with a lot, too!

When you released your first bit of music, how was it received?

Lori: I would say the overall reception was inspiring … all I know is that I feel good about the work that we do. I try to keep my writing and music super real, honest, yet fun and interesting. We are still evolving, open to feedback, open to growth. We never want to feel like we have “arrived.”

Why form a band and make music at all? What do you want to accomplish through Le Orchid?

Michael: I’ve constantly been in bands and playing in a band is something that has always been close to my heart that I believe God has placed. I love being part of the community, and playing music has always been a great way for me to connect with people. What I hope to accomplish through Le Orchid is having more opportunities to connect with people on a small and larger scale.

Jake: I hope to accomplish with Le Orchid the same thing I do with every band: have a great time, keep myself sane and maybe through hard work and a lot of luck strike it big and do music full-time for a living.

Any upcoming music you’ll be releasing soon, and where can people find your music?

We have three tracks up on Soundcloud currently, and we are halfway through recording our first EP that is expected to be out by December, at the LATEST. Our full website is currently in the works, and we will be releasing that soon, but in the meantime, check out these links: