He prefers Josh, but apparently, you can call him Queen Bee, according to his awesome cover of Lorde’s smash hit, “Royals.”

Joshua Wicker is a 23-year-old singer and songwriter residing in downtown Jacksonville. Wicker comes by his musical talents naturally, as his father was a lifelong musician. Wicker’s father introduced him to music at the mere age of 7.  At this young age, Wicker joined his father’s gospel band as a bass guitarist, and by just 15, he joined the band Soapbox Havoc, where he played until the group broke up in 2007.

Though he was without a band, that didn’t mean Wicker’s music career would meet its demise.  Just a short time later, Josh went on to co-found the project titled, “Don’t Sigh Daisy.” Don’t Sigh Daisy created and performed a concoction of pop-rock and folk songs about cowardly sailors and postal riders, and eventually they would become one of the local scene’s biggest bands in recent years. Don’t Sigh Daisy split earlier this year, but Wicker said this about the time the group was together, “The six years we made music is really where I grew the most as an artist. I made a point to learn as much as I could from everyone I came in contact with.”


His time with the folk group was also a time of pain and self-discovery, as Wicker battled whatever life threw his way and determined what direction his ship should sail. During that time, Josh lost his father to an addiction that he had been wrestling with for years. This period eventually made him stronger, and as he found an image and a purpose for his life, strengthened his faith, and found his future bride, Wicker found that his stories, memories, and experiences in life could all be turned into music that people can enjoy.

Though some of his experiences may seem somber, the music Josh creates can still be a lot of fun, as shown in his recent cover of “Royals.” This folked-up, good time may not have the 61 million views of the original yet, but Wicker’s version, featuring a group of mascots running through the streets of Jax, definitely caught our attention. It represents what Wicker said matches the meaning of the song perfectly. “Enjoyment with the time spent being young and dumb in our home city. We don’t have extravagant lives, and we’re nowhere near royals, but the time that we do have is always spent well.” Wicker’s cover of “Royals” can be found on both iTunes and Spotify. Watch the video below.