Faze Wave is an independent, Jacksonville-based band that has gained significant traction around the country. From their dreamy composition and intimate lyrical themes of love and youth, you can’t help but immerse yourself into the story they are telling.  Their music is the kind that makes you nostalgic for a life you never lived.

Music isn’t always everything, though. Faze Wave’s work ethic is just as impressive as their songwriting. Their first EP OK Alright was released in 2015, and since then, they have continued to release music consistently. Their debut album Melt was released in 2016, and their latest single “Chemistry” was released this year. With this consistency, Faze Wave has made a name for themselves outside of the Northeast Florida scene. They recently got off a tour that took them all the way to New York City.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt (guitarist, vocalist) and Hunter (bassist) of Faze Wave to have a chat about the experiences of touring, being an independent band and their take on the Jacksonville music scene.

Photos by Leighton Hoey

What is your story? How did Faze Wave form?

Matt: I was friends with a guy I skated with, and we started making music together. Long story short, as we got more serious the lineup changed and we started playing more and more.

Your released your first EP OK Alright in 2015 and released your latest single “Chemistry” back in March. Your listeners continue to grow immensely. What’s it like knowing that your music is being played all around the world?

Hunter: Strange. I mean, I guess we didn’t see it coming with us being so young. But it’s cool and fun. Hopefully that means more shows and more stuff, we get to live the dream.

You guys just got off a tour, so how was that experience? How’s the music scene from touring different than the scene in Jacksonville?

Matt: Tour was super fun! The music scene is different, every place had its own feel to it.

Hunter: It seemed like everything was taken a lot more seriously. Music is definitely more of a culture up there. People went to shows whether they knew the musicians or not. They attend concerts every night because they can.

So, going back to your tour. did you guys have any crazy experiences on the road?

Hunter: Wildwood, New Jersey was definitely an experience. While we were there, we played under the Adventure Pier that was on of those cheesy “Island style” massive piers. The stage was under a roller coaster. We just hung out there all day and that was pretty cool.

Matt: We also found a waterfall and hiked!

Since you’ve had those really cool tour experiences, is there any “dream” place you would like to tour?

Hunter: California! That’s already starting to look promising.

Matt: Yeah we’re trying to do that real soon. Also, Europe would be real fun, in addition to Australia!

Photos by Leighton Hoey

So, you guys book your own shows and are completely independent. What is that process like? A lot of people see musicians as only making the music, but is the process of booking ever overwhelming?

Matt: It’s not really overwhelming, I like doing it because you can decide what you want to do. Sometimes it’s hard to just sit in front of the computer and send emails and hope people respond. But, what I figured out recently is that it’s best to be friends with the bands you meet. If you’re friends, you can book shows with them and tour with them. It’s straight up making friends and connections.

What is your creative process like? How and where do you find inspiration to create music? 

Matt: Sometimes you’re just in the creative mood, and whatever you’re thinking about you can just turn into music.

Hunter: You just have to go at it.

Matt: Yeah, you just have to be in the right mindset and inspiration for music will happen.

What do you want your listeners to take away from your music? 

Matt: I think that a song means something different to everyone, so, as long as it makes them feel something that’s pretty cool.

Any hints of future music coming soon?

Matt: I got some stuff recorded! I have some music that I made a bunch of demos of. Something is going to happen soon, I just don’t know what it is yet.

What are your goals for Faze Wave and what would you like to see in the Jacksonville music scene?

Matt: Hopefully take Faze Wave as far as we can go.

Hunter: I would love for there to just be a rising culture of music in Jacksonville. I find that our local music scene could continue to get better. A lot of our good friends are in bands here.

Matt: There’s not a lot of light shed on the local music scene here. It’s more about making the money off the big bands that come in rather than the culture of it all.

To keep up with Faze Wave, check out their Facebook page. You can also hear their music on Spotify and Soundcloud.