Comic book fans in North Florida have long enjoyed a close community nurtured inside the local comic book shops.

Flash forward to the 21st century and comic book fans can still enjoy that community, but through multiple outlets like the internet and podcasts like the the local show, The Shortbox.

Whether you’re a comic book expert or new to the culture, The Shortbox aims to bring that enthusiasm within the cultural scene to your airways.

What sets The Short Box apart? Unlike most review podcasts, The Short Box brings comics to the people. They make it so that new hobbyist can easily follow along but are geeky enough to rival “The Big Bang Theory.” Their sense of humor is not just for the guru but used to inspire the same love in new-comers and outsiders of comic book culture.

The cast includes the founder and host, Badr Milligan and opinionated co-hosts, Walter Gant and Andrew Torres. All three minds initially met four years ago at a comic shop and decided in late 2012 to meet up once a week and record their exchanges. The meetings are debates and reviews which are recorded for listening pleasure, interaction and audience contribution. In addition to the prime members the guest list has included hometown comic book writers, budding artists, musical talents and shop owners. Recent debuts have been made by Ryan “Gunwitch” Black creator of his own comic series “Tension”, Willie Evans Jr Jacksonville’s own international rapper/producer and local legend Nick Wagner owner of Blackhive Comics and more.

Visionary founder Badr stated “The podcast started with the three of us just wanting to share our conversations and love of the comic book culture. We included our friends and family then began expanding into a community-driven project by providing an outlet for people involved in the comic book culture. Our focus was those individuals who have new ideas, heroes, lyrics, and stories they want to share with a bigger community. We wanted to give them a voice when they needed support and work together to connect minds.”

Recently, The Shortbox podcast invited me on their show to talk comics, Void, Jax Connector, and the upcoming GAAM show (tickets are still available!). While they are fairly new to the podcast scene, you couldn’t tell as the guys were really entertaining and conversation was hilarious, varied, free flowing and felt like a bunch of friends talking about their passions. After the show, I listened to the published podcast, I found myself laughing over and over again.

Traditionally thought of as solely a comic book show, The Shortbox is open to discussing all things culture in the city of Jacksonville.

Embrace your inner geek by giving these guys a listen. You can hear one of the shows below, but there are many more  available on their website and you can subscribe to their podcast on iTunes as well.