From what our readers tell us, there are plenty of ways to repurpose old periodicals. While we are flattered when fans of Void tell us they collect each issue and display them prominently on a shelf or coffee table, we are similarly intrigued by those who think less of our little publication, who might call it “fish wrap,” because a) that’s a solid burn and b) what an industrious way to recycle!

But a new exhibition by local mixed media artist Patti Berry, which opened at St. Augustine’s Plum Gallery on June 1, represents by far the most inspired reuse of Void Magazines, yet.

Berry, a Jax Beach resident who worked as a photographer and photography educator before the digitalization of the medium sapped her interest, began working in collage and assemblage a few years ago after participating in a workshop led by renowned contemporary artist Derek Gores.

Jax Beach artist Patti Berry with her work and some of her inspirational ephemera.

“I fell in love with the medium,” says Berry who was inspired to cut and paste from magazines to fashion vibrant, engaging representational pieces overflowing with subliminal text culled directly from the pages of various periodicals. “It felt like a great way to be hands-on with photography again. I get excited with the colors and textures that advertisements and words create when torn apart and put together again.”

One of Berry’s elaborate, absorbing collages currently on display at Plum Gallery in St. Augustine.

When looking for raw materials to create her pieces, Berry says the pages of Void Mag have become her preferred ephemera. “Void is one of my favorites, as I love the colors and edges I can find,” she says. “Depending on the direction of the work I may also include paint and I am currently experimenting with texture in my new work.”

A collection including  some of Berry’s newest artwork is on display at Plum Gallery on Aviles Street for the next four months.

Berry cuts and pastes text, vibrant colors, and imagery to create alluring representational pieces.