Over the weekend while most people were hiding from Hurricane Hermine, Austin Moore, a local 9-year-old boy, was bit by a shark in New Smyrna Beach (which is apparently a popular spot for these types of things). His mother Shauna, who many people of the community might know as one of the owners of Aqua East, was able to give us some more details on the incident.

On Sunday, Austin was hanging out in New Smyrna with 24 members of his family for a reunion when the shark took a few bites out of his leg. Want to see what that looks like? We figured you might.



At the time, Adam Moore (his father) pulled him out of the water, where he said he could see blood pooling around his ankle. Luckily for Austin, a few members of his family were police, fire fighters and nurses, so they were able to treat him rapidly after getting him from the water.

Austin was in shock after the attack, and kept asking, “Did this really happen? Did I really just get bit?” but was pretty damn tough overall considering the injury.

The details are still a little fuzzy, but we’re thinking it sounds like something a testosterone-hopped-up bull shark might do. Who knows, maybe he was having a bad day with the hurricane and got confused. They’re estimating that the shark was about five to six feet long.


Warning … graphic … too late

The severity of his injury was pretty rough, with a two-hour surgery to mend the bite that tore through two tendons and caused nerve damage. Fortunately for Austin, it looks like he will recover fully after his brush with nature and is expected to be off the foot for six weeks — but that won’t keep him from playing Pokemon Go in his wheelchair.

When the nurse asked him if he would get back in the water, Austin said, “Well I have to get my stitches out first, but well why wouldn’t I?” Considering the fact that before the shark attack, Austin was an avid shark lover, even having a shark hanging above his bed, it seems he has no hard feelings towards the fish that decided to taste his leg. “I’ll go back out surfing as soon as possible,” he said. “I love sharks and still want to know more about them.”

The Void Fam hopes Austin has a speedy recovery, and we admire him for his courage during the difficult ordeal! This is just another reminder that mother nature is a fickle beast, but you can’t simply hate her for it.