With music streaming services putting thousands of songs in our pockets, just a click and strong WiFi signal away, as we like to say on our local music Podcast the VOIDCAST, we’ve found it can be difficult to discover local music. Beyond that, with so many great Jacksonville artists putting out music of late, keeping up with it all can be equally difficult.

To help you subvert the algorithms, we’ve launched our own Spotify channel, which will consist exclusively of local music playlists (incidentally, Spotify is also where you can listen to the VOIDCAST HERE).

Up first, our Jax July Playlist, featuring nearly two dozen new (and new-ish) local tunes. Some of these tracks, like Eddy Braveaux‘s sultry “Souleater” were released just after our July issue print deadline, while others, like Lost Club‘s plume of indie smoke “Easy Love” appear in said July issue. Still others, like Isabella Parole’s folk noir tune “Twilight” and Folk is People’s uptempo number “Step Mama Blues” appear on our latest all-local compilation on vinyl.

To stay hip to the local music scene, follow us on Spotify HERE. And click play on our July playlist below.