Mid-quarantine, Northeast Florida underground metal five-piece SWAMP cast their EP on the world and it’s surely worthy of your attention. Judging by the titles of the five songs and the accompanying black-and-white cover art–featuring a gator head and the band’s name splayed out in all-caps Canterbury-style font–it would be easy to judge SWAMP as one of a million sub-world metal bands.

But the band brings some inventive and surprising twists to the death/thrash/southern blast/insert current metallic descriptor. The songs can sound like weird chimera’s predecessor like late-era Bestial Warlust or Death, and then shift to more Nordic-tracked (black metal pun) melodic breakdowns. In this age of certain death for us all, it’s nice to be surprised and enthused about a local group that releases a primo EP out of the proverbial blue.