Under the moniker Trella, Jax native Lindsey Sweat has become one of our fave local exports (she splits time between Nashville and NYC) for the casual, understated beauty she brings to her blend of electronics and acoustic melodies. Her melancholy EPs and singles (released at a consistent clip since 2017) are always highly listenable, though typically mellow affairs. But with the surprise release of the cathartic “Caution To The Wind”, another side of this emerging young artist is on display.

“Maintain safety, uphold my status,” she croons over what’s become Trella de rigeuer–ambient keys, an electronic drumbeat, and Sweat’s soulful vocals. But as the tempo builds behind her, longtime Trella listeners are treated to a pleasant surprise, the tune kicking into a second, then third gear on its way to a decidedly exorcising chorus. “I’m throwing caution to the wind / I don’t care about the risk,” she sings in what’s Trella’s most-danceable hook to date. And, if listeners were still wondering if the singer-songwriter were truly laying it all on the line, the chorus’s final lines find Trella pushing her voice to the high end of its range, finishing with a joyful yelp. Fun stuff, to be sure!

Click play to hear Trella reap the rewards of her risk-taking.

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