Since releasing their debut EP Queer Tears in 2014, the Jacksonville-born three-piece Tomboi have wasted little time in establishing themselves as a dreamy-synth-pop band who are not afraid to evolve and move forward. In recent years, that’s included the band–Alex E.  (vocals, sequencing, beats, guitar), Paige McMullen (guitar), and Summer Wood (drums)–living in different states: Florida, California, and Texas. The self-identified Queer band has previously released five offerings, including 2017’s stellar full-length, Spectrum.

Their latest cut, “Off the Ground,” (as featured on the upcoming Void On Vinyl (Vol. 3)), finds Tomboi upping their game. Vocals are processed through Autotune and various echo’d effects, with thumping syncopated beats, and an ascending bass riff offset with filigrees of funky guitar licks. All in all, the effect of “Off the Ground” is to wander into some languid dream-world, where genres and preconceptions are washed away by a tide of nebulous 21st-century music, while cutting-edge electronics and universal emotions of unrequited love walk hand in hand.

Click play to hear the new track and read the band’s statement about the new tune below:

“Off the Ground” comes from a place of processing pain and depression; face to the dirt, scraped knees, bruised spirit. The song explores the experience of picking oneself up off the ground and witnessing friends struggle through similar journeys. Originally this song sprouted from the soil of Alex E’s life story—coming out as trans and coping with immeasurable pain and the inability to find presence in daily life. In the development of this song, something stranger than fiction unfolded. A worldwide pandemic has knocked us all to ground, forcing us to collectively enter into a place of deep introspection. Lyrics like “my heart beats for you” have unfurled into a love letter of sorts, sent through the ether to friends, family, community, and back to ourselves as we venture into uncharted loneliness. “Off the Ground” is a haunting echo for the times, for all of us learning how to find strength in the most vulnerable of experiences, with an upbeat melody to soothe the heart, and a groove to keep us dancing.