Ever since we were turned on to The Black Toilet’s certifiably strange, yet astonishingly good 2018 release “What What”, we’ve struggled to define the Duval hip hop wunderkind’s sound. No doubt, he’s emerged as one of several prolific, distinctive, and genre-bending youngsters in Jacksonville’s hip hop scene, including Yellow Steve, Denver Hall, and the collective LOVE Culture.

Though we received word that TBT may have in fact relocated, the indelible earworms he bored into our heads while in the 904 have rendered us fervent followers. And his recent release, Gotta Get Home makes us happy we haven’t lost touch.

Featuring eight new joints–each of which is so short we recommend consuming them via roach clip–Gotta Get Home is a mesmerizing collection of languid, trippy hip hop. Mellow, jazz-tinged samples undergird TBT’s chill-AF, poetry-slam-esque flow on tracks like “Motif/Crew” and “Apprentice”, while “Avenue” may be the most animated we’ve ever heard the young artist, as he rips through the song’s catchy hook at a BPM that would, all things considered, still be of concern to a cardiologist.

Clocking in at just a tick above 12 minutes, the eight tracks on Gotta Get Home are well worth your time. Click play to listen to one of Duval’s most unique musical exports of recent memory.

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