When listeners were first introduced to the atmospheric sound pillows of Sea Cycles, social media was still seen as a potential force for good in the world, Barack Obama was seeking a second term as President of the United States, and, locally, much of the live music scene coalesced around a few nearly adjacent venues–Burro Bar, 1904 Music Hall, Underbelly–in downtown Jacksonville in an area everyone was calling The Elbow. Remember that?

The indie-electronic quintet was the best of many artists to emerge from a relatively vibrant experimental music scene in the early 2010s. But 2015 would end up being a watershed year for Sea Cycles as, after a few lineup changes, the band released Ground & Air to overwhelmingly positive reviews, and then went quiet. There was a rumored follow-up, but it was apparently held hostage in some manner of record deal purgatory.

Though a half decade has passed since Ground & Air, the band did pop up in 2019, dropping the very good single, “Quota”, and sitting for an Audiotree live session. More teasers came in 2020, with a duo of singles; “Wash” was followed by the melancholy “Bet”.

And then in December, just before this weird and terrible year mercifully comes to a close… Surprise! A Sea Cycles full-length: A dynamic and meditative 11-song collection called Leave Me In My Place.


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“There’s a long story as to why this three-year-old album is just now being released but that story feels profoundly irrelevant this year,” the band said, announcing the release of Leave Me on its Instagram page“The grand theme is generational blame; our criticism of prior generation’s criticism of us and how our minds, habits, and opportunities have been affected from a global level to personal relationships.”

In addition to the previously released tracks “Quota”, “Wash”, and “Bet”, Leave Me twists and turns around eight other tracks, each its own distinctive soundscape. Frontman Colin Adkins deft delivery adds ethereal layers to each deliberatively produced song. As a collection, its a transcendental trip, a kind of cloud-centered, digitally enhanced vision quest through Walden. 

It’s worth sitting with. And also worth rejoicing over. After all, we’ve been waiting long enough.

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