Clearly dating myself here, but every time I encounter a multi-hyphenate (and there seem to be quite a few here in Jax), I’m reminded of the satirical award show from the 2001 sendup of model culture, Zoolander. The Slashy, for anyone old enough to remember this ridiculous film, was awarded to someone who had successfully crossed over to earn fame as both a model and actor. The winner, in the film, was of course… Fabio.

But I digress. What I really want to talk about is the new song dropped by one of Jax’s most talented and multiplex humans, Tenny Rudolph, who aside from being a standout photographer (dig the portfolio of his work we published last year), makes sultry, chill AF R&B. The new track, “One More Chance” was released on Monday, and is certainly deserving of your earholes. Further more, Rudolph, in my opinion should be added to our list of nominees for local Slashy. But does he prefer photographer/musician or musician/photographer?

Who’s your pic for local Slashy?