Twenty-eight-year old singer and multi-instrumentalist Luc Napier makes highly listenable, sonically textured Indie Pop. The Central Florida native has been playing in bands and producing music for more than 11 years. And that depth of experience lends added layers to what’s otherwise a genre associated with levity–or, at its worst, vacuousness.

In May, Napier released “Catastophe!” the Lo-fi, melancholy first single off his debut solo project Corduroy. With autotune vocals, electronic drums, and a blizzard of atmospherics, “Catastrophe” could easily have emerged from under the proverbial duvet of Bedroom Pop. Meanwhile, Napier’s latest “Club Drone” is a more upbeat affair. Though it retains the sample-heavy sonic approach of its preceding release, the recipe for “Club Drone” surely utilizes quite a bit more sugar. It’s a dynamic track, but one that is immensely approachable, deploying candy coated melodies and a sweet, infectious hook that hearkens more toward Foster the People or Twenty One Pilots than, say, Temporex or Clairo.

Lyrically, “Club Drone” sounds more world-weary than its airy melodies might lead on, as Napier winks at Indie-Pop conventions by reveling in cynicism and bleak truths. With two songs in the can, Napier’s places himself among a cadre of promising, young artist-producers dotting the landscape of our sprawling city. Click play to taste Napier’s latest delicious treat.