On Thursday morning, Void Prez Tye Wallace, Editor Matthew Shaw, and Void readers’ #1 Surfer in the 904, Kayla Durden went to WJCT studios to talk Void Pro/Am–this weekend’s surfing contest, presented by Kona Brewing–with First Coast Connect’s Melissa Ross.

With so many important topics to cover each and everyday–and Ross does a Hell of a job–it often seems like Void’s segments are to FCC what waterskiing squirrels are to local TV news. And we’re happy to do it!

Waterskiing squirrels and the #1 Surfer in the 904, Kayla Durden. || Photo: Heather Schatz

Click the link to hear real journalist Melissa Ross put on her surf journalist hat and talk Void Pro/Am, the state of surfing in Northeast Florida, and her husband’s superfluous collection of six longboards!

LISTEN HERE (Convo starts at 33:50)

Oh, and there are still spots available in the contest. Sign up here.