It’s interesting how what’s happening in our lives–or in the world, broadly–can change the way we hear songs. The difference between encountering a song whilst enjoying a budding romance or bemoaning a sudden breakup is night and day.  Likewise, songs like “In My Room”–Brian Wilson’s twee isolation-masterpiece–or Billy Idol’s precious “Dancing with Myself” sound fairly prescient in the time of shelter-in-place orders when we’re all stuck in our rooms, (maybe) dancing with ourselves.

As does local indie rock group Hensley’s “Get Out.” Released on Friday, as more and more cities and states ordered their citizens to lock themselves away in their homes or apartments, “Get Out” is jangly, danceable indie-pop fare able to conjure a solo dance performance from the most reclusive wallflower. But it’s the tune’s lamentation of small-town claustrophobia that we imagine many could currently connect, as it serves as a metaphor for the binge-watching, toilet paper hoarding, takeout devouring shut-ins we’ve all become.

“There’s a whole wide world out there and I’m missing it,” the band’s front-person Kendall Mason, before launching into the pre chorus kicker, “If this is where I spend the rest of my life, I’m gonna lose my f*****g mind!”

We feel you, Kendall! Click play to “Get Out” with Jax Beach youngsters Hensley below. It’s the cathartic release we all need right now.