Since releasing their very good and seemingly propitious 2015 full-length Ground & Air, Jax experimental-electronic outfit Sea Cycles has remained–much to the chagrin of the fervent following the band cultivated–fairly quiet. Emerging from what was once a happening electronic music scene revolving around DT Jax venues Burro Bar and Underbelly in the early 2010’s, Sea Cycles overcame lineup changes, as well as any stigma associated with being a Jacksonville-band prevailing at the time to present listeners with a wholly original sound. The momentum was building.

But even for a band that buttered its sonic bread with a slather of moody atmospherics and sprinkles of muted samples, the quietude since 2015 has been deafening.

It’s not that the band’s braintrust has been silent–founding Sea Cyclist Brian Squillace has been downright prolific, releasing music as part of the bedroom pop duo LANNDS as well as under his own experimental electronic project Odd Relics.

A half-decade since Ground & Air, though, there’s been no full-length Sea Cycles follow-up. The band has, however, taken to the slow drip-drip of single-drops (a release schedule that’s fast-become a preferred approach in our attention-span-depleted digital world), leaking the single “Quota” and a live Audio Tree session in 2019. The band followed that up with another single, “Wash”, earlier this year.

And they’ve reemerged yet again.

With the melancholy “Bet”, Sea Cycles reminds listeners of the band’s ability to toy with sonic dynamism and emotional resonance. The song builds slowly, with delicate drum samples and lead vocalist Colin Adkins’s gloomy vocals. True to Sea Cycles-form, “Bet” twists and turns around unique melodies, as the band’s distinctive ambience remains in tact, moving towards a lugubrious hook: “I wouldn’t place a bet on either of us.”

Would we bet on another Sea Cycles track soon? We’re not the gambling types. But if we were, we’d place a prop bet that, whenever it is released, the tune will be quite good.

Click play to hear the first Sea Cycles song in a minute.

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