The new offering from rickoLus finds Jacksonville’s top-tier singer-songwriter digging deep into his Jax Beach roots. “Four Track Love Song” is the second single from his forthcoming release Bones (out March 5), a concept album chronicling his years as a Beaches native.


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Certain productive drive aside, rickoLus (aka Rick Colado) has no problem in shunning artifice and imagery-as-excess for straight-up vulnerability. Rare in the “independent music scene”; downright exotic considering Colado has been releasing this kind of heart-born music across the course of his career. The lyrics flip through the fever dream of youth and ephemeral characters swaggering through, in stories that are familiar and still occurring :

The sun sets slow across the boardwalk hotel arcade / and there’s a party at the flophouse / and everyone’s underage / and the boys cruise First Street in their cars / yellin’ at the punks and the freaks / standing outside of the bars.”

The arrangement is carried along by an anthemic piano riff, only to shift gears and detour into an outro that continues this celebration of growing up in a “rundown beach town.” For a city and environ brimming with negative, down-with-us trash talk, rickoLus negates the Duval haters. In many ways, even prior to such an overt adoration paean to home, he’s a both a poetic apologist and regionalist; lyrically and musically in line with earlier homeboys like Bruce Springsteen (Asbury Park, N.J.) and Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott (Dublin, Ireland). Long may rickoLus run—and here’s hoping he doesn’t run away from home.