Beginning with the band’s 2015 debut, Jax indie rock quartet Faze Wave earned a local following with a sound that adhered to the strictures of their genre’s contemporaries; the watery guitars, mellow vocals, LoFi production, etc., all of which was part of the de rigueur of the mid-2010s. The youngsters, now in their early twenties, have since grown and diversified their output.

They’ve toyed with interesting sonic palettes, stripped back and ante’d up, bumping the guardrails of guitar-based popular musical modes. Earlier this year, the Faze Wavers released the rollicking “Lights Out”, a flippant garage-y banger with an enthusiasm that refused to be curbed.

But, with the recently released “Couch”, the band has seemingly pulled the lever on the recliner and sunk back into the comfort of the more chill-AF-sounds of yore–with admirable results! Back are the warbly guitars and the lackadaisical vocal delivery. It’s not all first gear, though, as the track rides an uptempo drumbeat and dances around dueling guitar leads.


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“I didn’t want this to happen again,” sings guitarist and vocalist Matthew Flynn. “But it did. And now I’m stuck.”

Whenever Faze Wave wants to revisit their old sound (or any new ones for that matter), we’ll happily take a proverbial seat on the couch.

Click play below to get stuck on the band’s newest track.

And watch the band perform a stripped back set as part of our Into the Void: Office Music Series in 2018.