Both within each track and collectively across her many releases, Rania Woodard’s distinctive brand of mellow, often brooding electronic-pop seems ever-expanding. And the latter seems especially true as the LANNDS catalogue continues to grow.

On Tuesday, Woodard released the newest of her continued collaborative efforts with Brian Squillace (Sea Cycles), a track called “2093”. The song opens with Woodard announcing “I got high last night” and features the kind of ethereal soundscape we’ve come to expect from the duo, as well as a hook that includes references to “gettin’ money” and “takin’ selfies.” All things considered, the sum of “2093” is, like most of LANNDS complex tunes, eclipses its individual parts. It’s also one of LANNDS catchiest tunes to date!

Squillace and Woodard are currently in the midst of a ten-stop spring tour, which will culminate with a March 28th homecoming date at Jackrabbits, alongside Orlando guitar-pop duo Sales.

Click play to run the numbers of “2093.”

Also: Watch LANNDS perform a stripped-down set at our offices, below.