Tenny Rudolph has emerged, in recent years, as Duval’s cultural-scene’s most visible artist. He’s a sought after lens-person, his hyper-stylized and singular film photography landing him exhibitions of his work locally and gigs with international brands. Meanwhile, Rudolph’s own personal (and equally singular) style has made him a popular subject in the images of his fellow lens-people.

While he remains in view, Rudolph makes noise, too, in the city’s increasingly vibrant music scene. He dropped the sultry and chill-AF R&B jam “One More Chance” in the spring of 2020. And a new single “Make U Feel” promises to keep Rudolph in the spotlight in 2021.

“Kiss you on a Saturday, make you feel on Sunday morning,” Rudolph sings his auto-tuned vocals brimming with coy confidence. Similar to his film photography, Rudolph’s music is a kind of amalgamation of vintage styles. And “Make U Feel” eases comfortably into 90s Deep House. And like everything the young artist seems to do, the new track will make you feel.

Click play to hear the latest from an artist you’re bound to see more of this year.