What to make of all of this? Stay-at-home orders. Face masks. A dangerous virus, the spread of which seems indiscriminate and, perhaps, open-ended.

Certainly a lot to process. And it can be difficult to identify any hints of silver lining. There are a few though. To be sure, musicians seem to be attempting to provide one. Launching live stream concerts and releasing new music at record clips.

One of our favorite local bands, Modern Violence, just dropped a new tune. It’s the kind of heavy, emotional, contemporary rock song we’ve come to expect from the band. With bright keyboard runs twinkling over an aura-worth of distorted guitars, “St. Gregory” is equal parts tender and intense. The song opens with Jesse Brantman (guitar, lead vox) waxing delicately, in a gentle whisper, on questions of existential and emotional heft–like the one that started this whole article “What to make of all of this?”–before the full band joins in and the tune embraces a more wrathful stance, peeking at about 2:28 with Brantman stretching his seemingly turpentine-soaked vocal chords with a primal roar.

While it may have nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic, “St. Gregory” simmers and boils between confusion and despair; a tune–at least emotionally speaking–for our times.

Give it a listen below:

And peep Modern Violence’s Into the Void: Office Music Series performance of the tune “Good Friend”.

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