Jacksonville indie artist Matilda Phan, AKA Leo Sun, redefines the summer jam with their patiently paced, deftly produced, and delightfully laidback debut “When You Wake Up.” With trade-wind breezes of pedal steel and sun showers of auxiliary percussion, the song sounds as if it sprouted from Phan’s own mangrove of solitude; a place from which they can develop the kind of fortitude and emotional distance to respond to lovesick emotions  with requisite poise.

“I don’t think I could have tried it any harder / It breaks my heart that we couldn’t have gone any farther,” Phan sings on one of the track’s many poetic and lamenting verse lines, casually tossing their virtuosic voice as if they had chose to record from a chaise lounge instead of a proper vocal booth.

Phan says “When You Wake Up” is “a song about taking it day-by-day,” adding that the tune speaks to a universality of  “loving without recompense” and “being oh-so gentle and sweet just because that’s how you like to move.”

“When You Wake Up” is just the latest in a string of strong local releases recorded at Springfield’s Friends of Friends Recording. Local musician Taylor Neal chipped in, producing and recording the session. On account of Leo Sun’s new tune, we can’t wait to hear more from the many friends of Friends of Friends.