No doubt, the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic shutdown has been tough on musicians. With tours halted and venues in shutdown mode, live music screeched to a (silent) halt roughly six months ago. But the music goes on. Sure, many artists have taken a swing at livestreams (albeit with varying degrees of success). But mostly the era of COVID-19 has seen the proliferation of new recorded music, as many bands and artists pushed up scheduled releases or just busied themselves with the production of new tunes.

And while many artists live for the live music experience–the intimacy of in-person performances, the road stories, etc.–for Jacksonville bedroom pop standout Yuno, quarantine-life was likely greeted with a shrug. After-all, before signing a big-time record deal with ultra-cool Seattle label Sub Pop, the self-described homebody made his mark from his bedroom in Arlington, producing shimmering, bouncy pop tunes like the 2018 hit “No Going Back.”

A new release gives us the first indication of what the unapologetically hermetic Yuno’s been up to, of late. This week he dropped a stellar cover of “Zebra”, a melancholy, sonic air castle originally performed by popular Baltimore dream pop duo Beach House. While Yuno’s rendition hems close to the original, there are subtle bedroom-pop-ish markers, including analog-y guitar squeaks and the Jacksonville-native providing a chorus worth of his own backing vocals.

It’s a fluffy cloud pillow of a song, made perhaps more cozy in Yuno’s capable hands. Click play to drift off with the Jax-native.

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