As Jax musicians have been releasing music at a record clip during the coronavirus pandemic, among the most prolific has been indie-emo quintet Modern Violence. In early April the group dropped the predictably emotive, and decidedly great “St. Gregory.” Then later in the month they landed on a Mourning Records compilation, the proceeds from which went to feed at-risk children during the pandemic. Cool stuff all around.

But MV wasn’t done. Last week, they spiked our pulse just a bit more with “Past Life,” a crunchy, melodious, and dramatic rock tune that copes with regret.

“We thought we had the first time,” guitarist and lead vocalist Jesse Brantman wails in the song’s hook before coming clean, “I want to live in that past life.”

We’ve listened and truth be told: No regrets here. Click play to listen.

We’d love to keep covering cool music and art! 

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